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We do understand, that sending your child to a boarding school is one of the toughest decisions for parents to make. After all, who else can understand and care for them like parents do?

The worries are natural, but once you visit our campus at Sowdambikaa Mount Litera Zee School, Trichy and experience the unique environment that is so protective like home, where children are given the space to grow, you’ll know that you have made the right choice.

Located only a short distance away from the city, the School has been constructed on a sprawling 21-acre campus to the highest World-class standards.

With its large open spaces and tranquil atmosphere, the School’s campus provides an ideal setting for stimulating young minds to explore their potential in perfect harmony with nature.

We believe that boarding should be an enjoyable and memorable experience, therefore our Boarding houses are designed “as homes”, not hostels.

We are committed to making a warm and homely environment for our boarders. We ensure that students coming from different places learn to live together and strengthen their relations with cooperation and goodwill.

We have our dedicated boarding staff who are instrumental in providing care and support for each border.

Boarding Options

The school offers students a choice between residential & weekly boarding programme. We provide boarding homes for boys & girls separately, for both juniors & seniors.

Full-time Boarding

Weekly Boarding

Boarding Facilities


Suitable, comfortable and standard accommodation is provided for all boarders.

Rooms are air-conditioned (Optional) and innovatively designed with two baths attached in each room.

Each room is shared by four boarders and is furnished with an individual cot, study table and a cupboard.

Individual attached bathroom with hot water facility 24/7 is available in all the rooms.

Bedding is clean and comfortable to meet the climatic requirements.

Parents / Guardians / Visitors’ access to board houses is regulated and allowed only in case of emergencies.


SMLZS has a sterile, hygienic, vegetarian & non-vegetarian refectory with specialized chefs catering to the nutritional needs of the students.

Students are served an assortment of dishes. Vegetarian & Non. vegetarian food is prepared separately at our Unavagam (Dining) in separate kitchens.

The food provided to the students is of high quality, well-balanced and well-planned such that it provides adequate nutrition and nourishment to students.

The students are served with three-course meal (Triple menu) with the menu being changed every day with live kitchen options on weekends and for dinner.

Home Parents

Each floor of the Boarding house is supervised by an experienced residential home parent.

The home parent ensures that there is never a lack of fondness, kindness, care & guidance that every child needs. Their priority is to get to know the child individually.

Home parents regularly inspect the rooms, study units and common areas to ensure that each child maintains neatness & hygiene.

They keep in touch with the parents via telephone to give them regular updates about their child’s welfare. The house parents are supported by a medical & housekeeping team.

Other Amenities

To make things as convenient as possible for parents as well as children, Sowdambikaa MLZS provides a range of amenities at the school campus:

A Day in the Life of a Boarder


In order to develop their communication skills, the following activities are also involved

Special Support for IX – XII Students


We believe that boarding should be an enjoyable and memorable experience, therefore in addition to the co-curricular programme offered at SMLZS, our students can also enjoy (all the sports facilities available) after school hours.

Separate Cricket Batch For Boarders


Medical help is available throughout the school hours. The Health Centre comprises of well qualified visiting doctors & full-time nurses. The School also has a tie-up with nearby hospitals for emergencies.

A Softener Plant and Reverse Osmosis Plant help in providing safe and non-contaminated water to the residents on the campus.

The Boarders at SMLZS enjoy a 24-hour uninterrupted power supply with Generator backup.


We believe that any parent’s primary concern, particularly if they consider sending their girl child to a boarding school, is the child’s safety.

Therefore, SMLZS takes extra precautions and provides additional support to ensure that female students have a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

Safety and security are of paramount concern and the campus has round-the-clock security personnel and CCTV, without breaching privacy.

We have a top-notch, reliable security system in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with experienced and skilled security personnel on hand to protect the campus.

The school campus is fully fenced in, and security guards are stationed in key locations under the chief security officer’s supervision.


Airport Pickup & Drop during Vacation.

Separate representative allocated for Visa / Immigration process.

Except during vacations/ important festivals hostel & Dining will function for NRI Students.

Monthly outings will be taken by the Dorm parents.

Skype / Zoom calls are arranged for students to communicate with parents as per needs at allotted times.

Admissions Open

(KG, Grade I - Grade IX & Grade XI)