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Future Ready Labs 2.0

Nextgen Creative & Art Studio

The lab has made it possible for students right from class 1 to explore the different forms of visual arts and the power of digital space. We provide the students an early opportunity to explore and experiment with varied tools and techniques related to drawing, painting. sculpting, photography, videography, animation and game development.

We also introduce them to futuristic technologies, such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Lab provides colourful Creative Lab fostering students’ tactile skills, Digital Lab fully equipped with iMac Systems, VFX Lab endowed with Green Matte setup, High-end Cameras, Soundproof Audio Lab, and so on nurtures every bit of creativity and inborn skills
in young minds. It provides creative exploration through the finest and latest technology and provisions in the industry, and delivers the premium training with professional faculty.

STEM & Design Thinking Lab

STEM & Design thinking lab provides a cutting-edge 21st Century Skills based on integrated STEM pedagogy.

Each program module provides opportunities for children to learn industry 4.0 technology skills and apply this technology learning to develop prototype solutions to a self-directed problem using the Design Thinking Framework.

With modules based on Robotics, IoT, Mobile Apps, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Programming, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), program covers the entire gamut of the technologies that fall under Industry 4.0.