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Our Infrastructure

“Excellence is the result of the opportunities provided”

Sowdambikaa Mount Litera Zee school unlocks the opportunity for students to improve their skills with its state of art infrastructure.

The sprawling campus is lush green and welcoming. Being situated in the heart of the city, the school is easily accessible for the students in and around Trichy.

Smart Classrooms & Labs

Interactive boards in all classrooms along with LED projectors and Wi-Fi connection.

Fully equipped and suitably designed laboratories for various subjects like physics, chemistry, biology for the senior students along with math lab and composite lab the primary students.

Well stacked library is the treasure house of our school.

Splendidly furnished music room with traditional as well as modern musical instruments.

IT enabled Lab

SMLZS is equipped with computer labs providing our students an access to the extensive world of information.

IT lab houses have more than 80 computers that are interconnected through well networked LAN’s and high speed internet facilities.

The well equipped computers have recent version and latest digital tools which helps our students to access the global information and preparing keynotes for the content development and building their digital knowledge.

Math Lab

We have a conceptualized Math lab enables students to learn, understand and investigate the abstract
concepts in mathematics through hands on lab activities.

These activities help students to visualize,
manipulate and reason the core concept lying beneath the problem. It also provides them an opportunity to
discover mathematics through doing.

The math lab activities are designed with a purpose to make students
clarify, correct and challenge their understanding of math.

Science Labs

Fully equipped and suitably designed laboratories for various subjects like physics, chemistry, biology for the senior students and composite lab for the primary students.

These facilities form the core of every student’s progress in the school. Science exhibitions are periodically organized in these labs where in students showcase their talents and the academic acumen.

Music Room

SMLZS has a professionally soundproof and acoustic music rehearsal space dedicated for the music makers which create a passion for music.

Our music room is full packed with percussion, stringed, keyboard, wind, and electronic instruments for our students where they learn to practice, procedure, or perform music under the guidance of a trained music faculty.

Language Lab


English is treated as a language and great emphasis given to speaking and listening.

Pc’s and headsets with microphones are assigned to each child of the class every week during language lab period.

Communication skill is developed using the listening and speaking activities, as it is conductive for non native speakers of English, Vocabulary, grammar and comprehension are also practiced through games.

Special focus is given to phonetics, voice intonation and modulation.


Well stacked library is the treasure house of our school. The library is having collections of books ranging from Fiction and Non-Fiction, Encyclopedia, Periodicals, Magazines, Journals, Newspapers.

Safety & Comfort

The safety of the students is given highest preference; hence the entire school is under constant CCTV surveillance. Security services are available 24/7 to ensure safety.

We facilitate the best transportation with GPS tracking. All our buses are tracked with electronic speed limiter and anti-bacterial interiors.

Our buses are equipped with i-alert technology which includes Radio Frequency Identification (RIFD) based child tracking, pick up and drop alerts, bus tracking and internal surveillance cameras.

The cleanliness and greenery that surrounds the school provides a serene and eco-friendly attraction thus promoting holistic learning experience for the students. Spacious and ventilated classrooms across all higher grades.

Well designed, air conditioned class rooms for the kindergarten and primary sections.

Enough and spacious rest rooms for boys and girls separately in each floor and the house keeping staff meticulously work to keep it spic and span throughout the day.


We have a spacious dining hall which can seat about 600 students at once.

Healthy nutritious food is served which is hygienically prepared in a well equipped modern kitchen.

We inculcate proper etiquette and table manners. We provide multi cuisine menu with a balanced diet under the supervision of our Dietician.