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Our Teachers & Teaching Strategies

In addition to subject staff we also have inter-disciplinary subject experts for foundation classes right from grade VII who inspire the students with their knowledge and take up the responsibility of mentoring and tutoring the young minds providing them skill based knowledge and training.

The Faculty team at SMLZ always takes Teaching profession as the greatest act of Optimism, which involves in building” academic excellence” of the students providing education with a right mixture of subject enrichment, strengthening the core content knowledge through experiential learning and application.

This dedicated team of faculty readily take up the responsibility of guiding, caring, shaping the student’s innovative skills, providing parental and friendly support that helps students to face the brighter and challenging future with positive and bold attitude.

They work relentlessly to provide a nurtured environment and platform to bring out the best in the students.

Self-assured and passionate teachers of Sowdambikaa Mount Litera Zee School heir commitment and dedication in transforming vision into action.

The positive teacher – students’ relationship is the secret of accomplishment in every fragment of education. More than teachers, they are the mentors who instil social and emotional wellbeing in students, empowering them with all skills required to achieve their goals. With these strong pillars upon the resilient foundation laid by the leaders of Sowdambikaa family, lies the magnificent Sowdambikaa Mount Litera Zee School.

Well qualified teachers of our school serves as facilitators of “student learning” and “creators of productive classroom environments”, in which students develop the skills they might need at present or in future.

Our teachers are technically skilled, creative, and compassionate. They are the mentors for the holistic development of the learners.

The classroom is a dynamic environment bringing together students from different backgrounds with various abilities and personalities. Therefore, implementation of creative and innovative teaching strategies are required in order to meet the students individual needs.

Regardless of the years of experience a teacher has, it would be impossible for them to know what teaching strategies will work out best with his/her students.

As a teacher, there is no “one size fits all” solution, therefore we provide a range of effective teaching strategies to inspire classroom practices like